Small Plane Event - 2003
CVA Small Plane Fly Report by Pete Rawlings

6/14/03 - 9am - 6pm

Weather was varying during day - wind S/SW  - 0 -10 - 15 with thermals and overcast some of time. Temps 80 to 90 later cooling off.

Flying grass mowed early. New flag flown for first time on this Flag Day. John B brought lots of hot dogs and drinks before going to graduation- ALL food seemed to disappear by end of day. Eleven pilots or so  - and John H  - showed up to eat.

Some stories just have to be told-  Dave launched Mike's P 40 (25 powered) like a pro - then Mike gave some right stick inputs that were amazing! Loops, rolls. climbs, etc. all over the sky - BOY were the ailerons TOUCHY - Mike said he only needed 1/16 inch movement and he was getting 1/4 inch - !!! But he saved it, adjusted it and put in a good flight later. I would have sworn I heard him say " I should have pulled back on the throttle!"

Ty Lyman got in some flying with his "less than 30" EXTRA - that is less than 30 horsepower!  Went well but developed "engine attitude " problems later.

Bret Haswell chewed up the sky with his CUB -.074 and Ace simple Cub -.061 then got in a few flights on his Stik.

Ed Z put up his "less than 30" Soarstar and caught some good thermals as did Bob F with his Playmate (25)

Dave H put the Twin Trainer (2 - 25s) up and managed to scare a few  crows flying over.

Harry A got back from the latest yard sales and managed to fly his MORPH 40 around awhile.

I had the most fun because Bob Sperenza brought his two grandsons out and I got to let then both fly the Eaglet (25). You should have seen 2 year old Blaise fly it !!! Then Chris took it over and I know Bob had had him on the computer flying - his first flight was good notwithstanding the strong thermals!!

Thanks for coming out - maybe more next time.
Bob Felberg
Dave Heape
Mike Foster
Ty Lyman
Note the flag