ColonialVirginiaAeromodelers (CVA)

CVA Pilot Training Plan


The following tasks have been designed to introduce the student to radio controlled flight in a systematic way.  They must all be accomplished to the satisfaction of the flight instructor and in general they should be done in the order listed.  Minor deviations from the listed order are permitted, however.  A signoff sheet for use at the field can be downloaded HERE.  Please see the student guide section which explains the  following tasks in more detail.

1    Counter Clock Wise (CCW) Level Flight (3 Turns)         
2    Clock Wise (CW) Flight (3 Turns)
3    Precision CCW Race Track (3 Turns)
4    Precision CW Race Track (3 Turns)
5    Loops (3 Consecutive)
6    Large Figure 8 (3 Turns)
7    Large Precision Figure 8 (3 Turns)
8    Small Precision Figure 8 (3 Turns)
9    Slow Flight
10  Modified Figure 8 (Line up on runway)
11  Landing Approaches from both directions
12  Take Off in both directions
13  Rolls (3 Consecutive)
14  Immelmann
15  Landing from both directions
16  Solo