ColonialVirginiaAeromodelers (CVA)

Equipment Supplied by CVA

As noted elsewhere in this Training Section our club has a quite complete inventory of “Buddy Boxes” and matching chords.  These items may be selected by our training staff to be compatible with the brand and model of the radio equipment to be used by the student pilot.  In general there is nothing for the student to buy for his/her time using the  “Buddy Box” training method.  During the time of a student’s training, the instructor will determine how best to handle storage and transportation of the equipment.

We are pleased that we can provide this service to all of our student pilots and we encourage you to come and learn to fly with us.

Basic Equipment Needed
to Get Started

The following equipment is considered the minimum required to begin flying and maintain your aircraft.  In some cases different brands may be of equal value.  Our Training Staff will be glad to help you select suitable equipment.  Please, discuss the selection details with us to avoid unnecessary purchases and expence.  We can provide selection ideas keyed to your specific interests and needs.

Radio Equipment    Basic 6-channel FM model with a “flight pack” which contains servos and                                the compatible receiver.  Approx cost  - $180

Trainer AircraftA high-wing “Almost Ready to Fly” (ARF) plane and engine combination.                                 Approximate cost of a cheaper package  - $90 to160

Rubber Bands#64 size rubber bands to hold the main wing on the trainer aircraft --                                            expendable Approx cost - $2

Fuel tubing     Three feet of standard silicon fuel tube for glow fuel.  Note that glow fuel                                    requires different tubing than gas.  Approx cost - $3

Wood Glue (CA)     Note that two grades of “CA” are needed.  Suggest a 2 oz. Bottle of each,                                   thin and medium.  Approx cost  - $6 ea.

Epoxy (30 min.)      Any good quality 30 min. epoxy for general repairs.  Approx Cost  - $8

Foam PaddingA good grade of ½ inch latex foam padding to wrap battery packs and                                        receivers to protect from vibration.  Approx Cost  - $5

Glow Wrench 4-way wrench with plug storage.  Approx Cost  - $4

Field Box       Tote box to carry your flight equipment (kit). Approx Cost - $40
NOTE: A pre-built box with all equipment necessary to service engine at the                               field including electric starter and fuel station will cost ~$120

Voltmeter       Expanded scale voltmeter to help you keep track of the remaining capacity                                of your receiver battery pack.  Approx Cost - $8

Meter Leads   For volt meter.  Approx Cost  - $6

Propeller(s)    Propeller suitable for your engine and plane. Approx Cost - $3 each

Glow Starter  Glow plug heater without meter.  Approx Cost  - $18

Fuel               Purchased from club by the gallon.  Approx Cost - $12