1.  You Must be, a Member in Good Standing, or a Member's Invited Guest,
to Operate a Radio Controlled Model of Any Kind at this Flying Site.

2.   No one, member nor guest, shall operate a Radio-Controlled Model
at the CVA site unless they are a Current AMA Insured Member.

3.  The AMA Safety Code and CVA Site Regulations Shall Apply at All Times.

4.   NO Alcoholic Beverages, or Controlled Substances of Any Kind, are
Permitted on the Site, or on the Tomahund Plantation at Any Time.

5.   Pilots shall Range Check their aircraft Before the first flight of the day.

6.   Pilots, or Observers, must Signal Verbally, when Attempting to Land,
or when it becomes necessary to Venture on, or across the Runway
to Retrieve an Aircraft.

7.   No More Than 4 Aircraft shall be in the air at any one time.

8.   Only Pilots or Pit Crew Members shall be permitted on the Runway Side of
the Safety Fence while Aircraft Operations are on-going.

9.   AVOID Flying over the Pits, Parking Areas, or Roadways.

10.   Flying Directly Towards the Runway, Pits, or Spectator Area, is Prohibited.

11.   DO NOT Sit, Stand, or Kneel, in the PROP ARC of any Aircraft while the
  Engine is Running above Idle.

12.   All Members are encouraged to Wear their Club Identification Badge while
      on the site.

13.   Failure to obey Club Rules, and/or AMA Safety Rules may result in
the Loss of Flying Privileges, and/or Loss of Club Membership.