Ed Zwerski with
Duraplane 40
Ivan Davis with
Eliminator 40
Hector Rodrigo with FlyBaby
Jerry Moore with Cermark Pitts
John Ziegler with Skybolt
John Backes with Frankenstein
Mike Foster with P40
Roger Griffith with 1/4 Scale Laser
All photos submitted by Bob Felberg unless otherwise noted
KHS = Ken Howard, Sr.
JM = Jerry McGhee
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Carl Purgold with Byron F4U Corsair (Photo by M.T. Rideout)
Eddie Belford with Citabria Pro (Photo by Randy Schaefer)
Hits After 2/6/00
John Backes with Tequila Sunrise
Bill VanCleave with Uproar #5
Bob Felberg with Something Extra (Before)
Bob Felberg with Something Extra (After)
Pete Rawlings with Cricket
Dwight McSmith with Commodore
Eddie Belford with Stearman
Another view of Eddie's Stearman
Ralph Moscater with TigerBat assisted by Bob and Ken Jr.
John Backes with Wild Thing (after)
Bob Speranza with Sig LT-40
Bill VanCleave with Kaos
Ed Zwerski with Easy Sport 40
Ivan Davis with original design base on Antic 40
Pete Rawlings with big and little Tiger Moths
Ralph Moscater with Giant Stinger
Julian Harris with Laser
Bob Felberg with Patrick Ultimate (KHS)
Bob Kramer I with Taurus (KHS)
Carl Purgold with T34 (KHS)
Charlie Brown with AT-6 (KHS)
Dave Heape with Goldberg Sukhoi (KHS)
Dave Heape with Twin Trainer (KHS)
Gary Ellington with Giant Stinger (KHS)
Harry Ashworth this trainer (KHS)
Joe Bullock, Jr. with Easy Sport (KHS)
Joe Bullock, Sr. with Ultra Stick 60 (KHS)
John Backes with Thunder Tiger Extra (KHS)
Julian Harris with Goldberg Chipmunk (KHS)
Ken Howard, Jr. with Goldberg Chipmunk (KHS)
Ken Howard, Sr. with Goldberg Tiger 60 (KHS)
Tex Harrison with Sig Rascal (KHS)
Will Bischoff with Cessna (KHS)
Will Bischoff with Trainer (KHS)
Cliff Casey with AT-6 (JM)
Jerry McGhee with Harrier (JM)
Jerry Moore with Pitts (JM)