Safety Code for Helicopter Training Area  
1. All flying shall take place in front of the pilot box facing North and will be limited to
   the tree line on the left and the snow fence on the right delineating the main
   runway, taxi way, and pilot   box area. A minimum distance of 25ft. is recommended
   between pilot and   helicopter at all times.    
2. All flying shall be limited to training type maneuvers with a height restriction of not
   higher than the trees to the left of the training area.   
3. Only one pilot and one Helicopter shall be in the air at a time. If the main runway is      active, pilot(s) in pilot(s) box(es), a spotter must be used to monitor the main
   runways' activities.    
4. The Helicopter training area will be divided into three areas.  
-Spectator Area, defined by spectator fence and signs.  
-Helicopter pits (between spectator fence and Pilot box snow fence).  
-Pilot Box and Flight Area.   
5. Helicopters may be started in the pit area and carried to the flight area.
   Helicopters cannot be spooled up in the pits. There will be no flying of the
   helicopter back to the pits.    
6. All CVA Transmitter procedures apply to the Helicopter Training Area.    
7. All AMA aircraft Safety Codes and CVA Site Regulations apply to the Helicopter
   Training Area.