Frequency Pin Construction
CVA rules require the use of a frequency pin.  Each member should have a pin with his name.  Guest pins are for guest or the occasional time that a member misplaces his pin.  They are not for regular use by CVA members.
Pieces required
1 - 1/4 X 3 Carriage Bolt
2 - 1.5 X 1.5 Light Ply
6 inch 1/4 square Balsa
The Frequency Pin that is shown above is one that I have used for several years.  It is easy to build, durable and stays in the frequency board well on windy days.  This does not require precise construction and no measurements are critical.
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Draw a  line from corner to corner to mark the center.  Drill 1/4 inch hole at center. 
Cut the balsa stick into 4 pieces that are approx. 1-3/8 inches long.  Glue pieces to light ply in "pin wheel" pattern.
Fill cavity with epoxy.  Make sure that epoxy is under the head of the bolt.  Placing into a bottle is easy way to support until epoxy cures.
If you have clamps, put a little epoxy on the edge and clamp the top light ply on.  Top can be added later if you do not have clamps
Sand all edges of the pin.  It is now ready to add your information.  You can do it as simply as using a permanent marker.  You could also paint the pin and use transfer letters.

On this pin, I used the computer to compose and print the graphic.  I then used transparent yellow monokote to hold and protect the paper.  This pin has been in use for 5 years and has held up surprisingly well.
You can complete the pin as Les Britt did and make it is really easy for someone to find you!
If you make a unique pin, send me a picture and I will include it here.