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If you have any items that you want to sell or to buy - email the webmaster using the link on the front page and they will be posted here. Items will be removed after a reasonable length of time (~ a year -- :>)   )   New items will be added to the top of the listing.
This page was last updated on: December 15, 2018
World Models Paulistinha 71" span ,Saito FA-50, servos, switch, remote glow, spare cowl, etc...install a battery and receiver and fly it.......$200
Steve Kolet: 610-304-4679
Sports Flyers Quick-1 kit – 37 inch wingspan foamboard ARF. It comes with carbon fiber for reinforcement. It takes a small brushless motor and 18 amp ESC. Model was donated by John Backes. All proceeds go to the club. Bids can be made using the CVA guestbook. Bids close at noon on Dec. 12.  SOLD
World Models T-34 Mentor ARF – 58 inch wingspan ARF covered in red and white. Takes a 40 to 55 two stroke or 52 to 56 four stroke. Model was donated by one of the FPV wing racers at our recent event. All proceeds go to the club. Bids can be made using the CVA guestbook. Bids close at noon on Jan 9th.
Offered up for sale to club members are several "classic" kits from Buck Rogers estate. I've looked them over and they seem to be complete. I've also researched the avg selling price one would expect to pay for these. Based on that, make any kind of reasonable offer and it's yours! If they don't sell after a reasonable period of time I'll offer them up on one of the R/C forums with the proceeds going to the club.  Contact Jon Persons at

1. Astro Flight Malibu R/C sailplane, 76" w/s full kit, all wood Est Value $75

2.RCM 15-500 (Quickie .40 pylon racer) .19-.40 eng. 51"w/s would make a good elec conversion? Est Value $75

3.Pilot/OK Models Curtis Goshawk F-11 C-2 48.75" w/s Excellent quality scale kit Est Value $150

4.Sterling Models SE5a 40" w/s, 30.5 L for .19-29 eng Est Value $125-150

5.Aristo-Craft Gruman F3F-2 48" w/s, 34" long Est Value $150

6.Aristo-Craft Beechcraft G17-S 46" w/s, 38" long Est Value $150