CVA Pilot Accomplishment Program
  The goal of the CVA Pilot Accomplishment Program, which is modeled after the League of Silent Flight (LSF) Soaring Accomplishment Program, is to recognize individual proficiency and accomplishment in RC flying through a set of successively harder tasks that measure the pilot's skills. The modeler has an opportunity to achieve these specific tasks with a plane of his or her choice. These tasks are designed to challenge and entertain, while allowing the pilot to measure and improve his flying skills against a proven set of standards.
  The CVA Pilot Accomplishment Program is organized into several levels of achievement, starting with Level I, the simplest. These levels are arranged so that the beginning flyer can pace himself and gain confidence and skill. There is no time limit or pressure for completion of any task or level. Accomplishment of individual tasks may take only a few weeks or completion of levels may extend over several years, depending on the individual's own interest and activity.
  Participation in the CVA Pilot Accomplishment Program is strictly voluntary. Each participating pilot is responsible for obtaining signatures of a witness for each task on the appropriate Accomplishment Level Form. The pilot should practice the individual tasks until he is comfortable and then ask another CVA member to witness the attempt and to sign if the task is successful completed.  When all of the tasks for the current level have been completed, submit the completed Accomplishment Level Form to John Backes.

Updated 10/3/07
Updated 6/21/07